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Vitamin D3 Spray
myvitamins What is Vitamin D3 Spray? Our new Vitamin D3 Spray, is a fast-absorbing, * tasty supplement that provides 25ug of vitamin D3 per dose --helping to support your immune system, muscle function, and bone health in a vegan-friendly formula.1,2,3 Scientifically proven to enable more efficient nutrient uptake in comparison to tablets and capsules, our spray delivers the vitamin through the inner cheek using innovative intra-oral technology. * Why use Vitamin D3 Spray? Due to lack of sun exposure, many of us don't reach our recommended amount of Vitamin D, especially those on a plant-based diet. That's why we've created a Vitamin D3 spray to help support your health and wellbeing, even whist on a vegan diet. 1 Derived from marine algae, our Vitamin D3 Spray will help you reach your recommended daily amount of vitamin D. Plus, it comes in a refreshing lime flavour. What works well with Vitamin D3 Spray If you're looking to embrace your health and wellbeing, try our White Kidney Bean Capsules, a popular, vegan-friendly, natural food extract. 1. Vitamin D contributes to the normal function of the immune system. 2. Vitamin D contributes to the maintenance of normal muscle function. 3. Vitamin D contributes to the maintenance of normal bones. * Satia, M. C., Mukim, A. G., Tibrewala, K. D., & Bhavsar, M. S. (2015). A randomized two way cross over study for comparison of absorption of vitamin D3 buccal spray and soft gelatin capsule formulation in healthy subjects and in patients with intestinal malabsorption. Nutrition journal, 14(1), 114.

Price: £8.99
(Visit the My Vitamins site for the current price!)

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