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TUSA Splendive II Mask - Flo Yellow
TUSA The TUSA Splendive II Mask features a 2-window design with wide field of vision and light weight for comfort. Bi-symmetrical lenses for easy installation of corrective lenses. Special low volume design for snug fit and easy clearing. The Splendive II, TM-7500Q is very light with a total weight of only 6.3 ounces. It fits close to your face providing an extra-wide field of vision and is also quick and easy to clear. Corrective lenses are available for easy installation. If you need to replace your existing lenses with corrective yourself then take a few moments to watch our instructional video on fitting new lenses into the Splendive II Mask. CLICK HERE. Essentials Extras Remember to purchase SeaBuff to pre-treat your new mask lenses to reduce the chance of fogging. It can be purchased individually or as part of the New Mask Package for all the essentials you need at even better value.

Price: £42.00 BUY NOW from Simply Scuba (Visit the Simply Scuba site for the current price!)

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