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Seac Sub Warmdry Drysuit
Seac Sub The Seac Warmdry Drysuit is a 4mm compressed neoprene drysuit with a semi flexible boot, braces and a thigh pocket. High grade materials and flexible ankles make this suit extra comfortable no matter your diving style 4mm High Density Neoprene is a brilliant thermal insulator but weighs 50% less than any other traditional dry suit. Soft and comfortable like a wetsuit but watertight and warm as a drysuit. Low-profile cut is designed to fit very close to the body and only require a thin undersuit to give it a very streamlined / wetsuit type fit. Aquastop Neoprene Wrists and glide skin neck keep you warm and dry inside this suit. And the semi-rigid boots can be turned inside-out to ease drying and improve finning technique. High-Resistance Materials on key areas offer protection on shoulders, elbows, knees and the seat has grippy material to keep you in place when seated making this an excellent product for professional use as well.

Price: £649.00 BUY NOW from Simply Scuba (Visit the Simply Scuba site for the current price!)

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