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Maxiraw WPC Precision Choc Orange 2.5kg
Maxiraw WPC Precision offers you a high-quality and economical whey protein concentrate protein powder with a fast amino acid release. This combination makes it an ideal every-day protein to support muscle growth and recovery, especially if you're serious about training and require a lot of protein. Maxiraw WPC Precision protein is ideal for supplementing your diet with extra protein between meals or to instantly top-up the protein content of meals. This versatile protein can also be mixed with other MaxiRAW powders or used before/after training to trigger protein synthesis thanks to its fast digestion speed. WPC Precision Maxiraw whey protein contains high quality whey protein concentrate and offers an economic alternative to whey protein isolate. WPC Precision has a slower digestion time to pure whey isolate, but still digests more quickly than most other proteins, making it effective for triggering protein synthesis between/with meals and before and after training. This high quality Maxiraw protein comes in two classic flavours or is available in a versatile natural powder which can be added to bodybuilding staples such as oatmeal without affecting the flavour.

Price: £34.00 BUY NOW from Maxishop (Visit the Maxishop site for the current price!)

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