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It's Skin The Fresh Mask Sheet Carrot 19g
It's Skin The Fresh Carrot Sheet Mask. The cushion pulp sheet includes nutrition from fresh and natural ingredients, giving its own nourishment to the skin as well as aiding in solving skin problems. The Fresh Carrot Mask containing carotene and vitamin A provides soothing and vitality effect while managing skin from external environment. Carrot Story: Vitamin A, Carotene / Clear Skin. Carrot, rich in vitamin A and carotene help to calm the skin from the external environment, keeping your skin clear and vibrant. Cushion Pulp Sheet: Multi-porous air layer in the sheet mask provides soft texture and excellent skin affinity. Cushion pulp sheet holds essence and delivers freshness of ingredients to your skin more effectively. Natural carrot provides freshness and nutrition for clear and brighter skin.

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