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Gayman II By Gill Carvalho
Gil Carvalho Gil Carvalho boldly brings fashion to the world of art. A graduate from The London College of Fashion and shoe designer for the likes of Madonna, Kylie and Fergie, Carvalho creates outlandish, brightly coloured prints that centre around the iconic (be that the Hermes Birkin Bag or the Queen herself). Carvalho's stylish prints are conceived through a range of media, including screen-printing, photography and digital art, to create an utterly desirable aesthetic. 'Gay Man II' works with the blurred image of a man, rendered in Ben-Day dots to make Lichtenstein proud. Against a flat pillar-box-red background, the man - wearing nothing but tiny underwear and a hat - has been left in black and white, with the edges picked out in hot-pink for strong contrast. It's loud and brash, while disarmingly minimal, in a way that works to striking effect.

Price: £960.00 BUY NOW from art republic (Visit the art republic site for the current price!)

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