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Dark Lord By Liam Brazier
Liam Brazier Illustrator and animator Liam Brazier works with digital prints to create a striking, illustrative aesthetic. With large scale commissions from clients ranging from Queens Of The Stone Age to Apple, Brazier is at the forefront of contemporary digital processes in the art of illustration. Brazier has produced a series of Star Wars prints, each depicting figures from across the franchise in his own, inimitable style. 'Dark Lord' portrays Darth Vader in startling tones of black and scarlet. Brazier has worked a complex series of geometric colour blocks together, layering and fusing sections to create artistic detail, as well as light and shade interplay, artfully capturing the heroic tone of the original 1970s film posters.

Price: £38.00 BUY NOW from art republic (Visit the art republic site for the current price!)

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