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DMT R3 Road Shoes   Road Shoes
DMT The R3 has the look of a classic shoe, but with a modern twist. It is also packed with great features. The upper has lateral areation holes and is designed to be ideal for narrower feet. The sole is 100% Toray MR60 Carbon, with holes on the toe for areation. The base has an antislip lining, and the rear studs are interchangeable if needs be. The R3 has a single Boa® closure, which gives a nice secure and comfortable hold across the foot in all the right places. The tongue has an anatomic soft foam layer on the inside and the rest of the shoe padding is soft foam for maximum comfort. The heel is reinforced to ensure a secure hold on the foot when putting the power down! SoleCarbon Areated Airtech: It is made out in a monocoque mold to eliminate the external counter and to wrap totally the foot.The AIRTECH sole is composed 100% of Carbon fiber UD FAW:150. Today this kind of carbon fiber is widely applied in the aerospace business for its extreme strength, elasticity, flexibility and resistence to impacts. Stronger than the steel but, in the same time, with high thermo- stable characteristics.

RRP: £175.00 Price: £60.99 BUY NOW from Wiggle Online Cycle Shop (Visit the Wiggle Online Cycle Shop site for the current price!)

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